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Julia Skopnik (*1988, Schönebeck/Elbe, Germany) 

lives and works in Magdeburg, Germany. 


she balances working at the child and adolescence psychiatry 

with being a free artist. 

cv  (selected)

2009                 die HO Galerie Nachwuchspreis, Magdeburg (winner)

2014                 Deutsche Jugendfotopreis - Kategorie: Next Level (selected winner)

2015-2018       weißensee kunsthochschule berlin, M.A. Art Therapy

Kunstmuseum Magdeburg:  darkroom printing workshop                      

2022                 EXP.22: International Festival on Experimental Photography /  Barcelona                                       (group exhibition) 

WE_LOVE - 60 Jahre Deutscher Jugendfotopreis (book + group exhibition) 

URBAN NATION MUSEUM / Berlin (group exhibition)

SLANTED MAGAZINE 40: experimental type 2.0 (selected artist)


2022  -
Atelier-Stipendium der Stadt Magdeburg, Tessenow Ateliers 

Julia received her diploma degree in psychology by the Technical University Dresden in 2012. After working a few years at the child- and adolescent psychiatry, Julia's desire to combine the two major s a topics in her life, psychology and art, grew strong enough for her to take up studying art therapy at Weißensee Academy of Arts Berlin. 
At this time she began exploring the possibilities of darkroom printing resulting in her greatest passion so far. She did a lot of experiments and tried to find new ways moving slightly away from using traditional techniques. 


Sept. 23: Tag des offenen Ateliers, Tessenow Ateliers ( Magdeburg / GERMANY)

Sept. 23: GROUP EXHIBITION Materialfehler II , Reflektor Galerie ( Berlin/ GERMANY ) 



Apr 23: GROUP EXHIBITION Loneliness and other false friends, Urban Nation Museum (Berlin / GERMANY)

MAY 23: GROUP EXHIBITION Materialfehler ( Magdeburg / GERMANY ) 


Dec 22: Group Exhibition dieHO Galerie Adventsgrillen ( Magdeburg / GERMANY)

Sept 22: Group Exhibition Draußen 22 ( Oberuzwil / SWITZERLAND)

Oct 22: Group Exhibition Station 22   ( Magdeburg / GERMANY)

Oct 22: Group Exhibition Die Kunst des Scheiterns, Peter Weiss Haus ( Rostock / GERMANY)

Jul 22: Group Exhibition Among bodies EXPERIMENTALPHOTOFESTIVAL 22  ( Barcelona / SPAIN)

Oct 21: Group Exhibition Kunstkurve ( Magdeburg / GERMANY)

Jul 19: Art Fair Kunst Mitte ( Magdeburg / GERMANY)

May 19: Group Exhibition Hoffnungshotel Perleberg (Perleberg / GERMANY)

Oct 17: Group Exhibition Es war einmal... (Abschlussausstellung Kunsttherapie -Klasse Kunsthochschule Berlin Weißensee) (Berlin / GERMANY)

Jun 15: Group Exhibition Kabinett der Künste: Sinnlichkeit (Magdeburg / GERMANY)

Sept 14: Group Exhibition Deutsche Jugendfotopreis 2014  PHOTOKINA (Köln / GERMANY)

Jun 13: Group Exhibition Kabinett der Künste: Mystique (Magdeburg / GERMANY)

Jul 12: Group Exhibition  Kabinett der Künste: Romantik 2.0 (Magdeburg / GERMANY)

Nov 11: Group Exhibition Kabinett der Künste: Salomon (Magdeburg / GERMANY)

Dec 10: Solo Exhibition is there a forest growing in your heart?  SAUDADE GALERIE (Frankfurt/M / GERMANY)

Oct 09: Solo Exhibition is life delicious? DIE HO GALERIE (Magdeburg / GERMANY)