2021 - ongoing

After learning to do color prints from negatives in general, I did a lot of experiments in the darkroom and then eventually started to enjoy exploring subtractive color mixing on photo paper. That's what I am focused on right now. Therefore I do a lot of multiple exposures and between each of them I use different types of templates, stencils or other things for covering up the to be exposed photo paper. Creating these tools, especially cutting stencils, as well as abstracting shapes, reminded me of doing street art and stylewriting, which was a huge passion of mine in my youth. I’ve had thoughts before about possibilities of combining photography and urban art, but never an idea that sparked my motivation to take action in that line of creative work. Finally I found a way of connecting different elements of graffiti with my darkroom work. It's a process full of concentration and preparation, but also of positive accidents and coincidence since I work in total darkness and not using a paper processing machine. It feels good to give up control and to let myself be surprised by what comes out of the dark. 

photograffism - selected work



photograffism @ urban nation museum, berlin

URBAN NATION presents the latest group exhibition in the series Project M/:
Project M/19 LONELINESS AND OTHER FALSE FRIENDS, curated by Michelle Houston.

The exhibition functions as both a response and a call – to feedback from visitors as part of the main URBAN NATION: TALKING… & OTHER BANANA SKINS exhibition. 
Museum visitors were asked to say what issues they thought needed to be discussed in society. An overwhelming majority mentioned the issue of mental health.

The artworks presented deal with the processing of emotions and the stresses that modern life places on mental health. Loneliness is one of the biggest accelerators of poor mental health. Following isolation during the COVID-19 pandemic, more and more people – especially young people – are displaying mental health problems such as anxiety, depression and self-harm, often exacerbated by social media.


PHOTOGRAFFISM @ slanted magazine nr. 40 : experimental type 2.0

Since Slanted Magazine #40—Experimental Type sold out in a very short time and a lot of people continued asking if Slanted Publishers had issues left, they decided to reprint the publication—roughly the same, but different. Meaning all pages all black and white this time further some additional work.

Experimental Type deals with experimental design strategies in typography and graphic design. The issue presents projects incorporating the accident into the design process, works based on mistakes and inaccuracy, fonts that derive from a concept or a system—in the end work that experiment or goes unconventional ways in design. The publication showcases cutting edge approaches as well as new experimental procedures, from processing to ai-generated typefaces or variable fonts.


photograffism @ EXP.22 (EXPERIMENTAL PHOTO FESTIVAL; Barcelona)



Analogfotografie meets Urban Art 

Der OK Magdeburg verstärkt im Format Kulturverstärker  Musik und Kunst und bringt sie ins TV, in die Mediatheken und auf Social Media. In ihren Portraits stellen sie Künstler:innen aus Magdeburg aus unterschiedlichsten Richtungen vor. 

photograffism  @ Slanted Magazine #40—Experimental Type 


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